Can Dogs Eat Green Apples

Can Dogs Eat Green Apples? Benefits and Best Feeding Methods

Have you ever wondered if dogs can eat green apples? Well, I believe most people have, and you have as well thought about it. I guess that is why you are here.  

This question is one of the questions people often ask online. Every single month it gets roughly 3,000 searches online. And on this page, you will get to find out if Dog can truly feed on green apples. So without further ado let’s dive right in.

Can Dogs Eat Green Apples?

Can Dogs Eat Green Apples
A dog staring at an apple

Dogs are wonderful pets that have their own uniqueness. It turns out that they feed on green apples and other fruits including veggies.

You may ask are green apples healthy for dogs to eat? Of course, apples in general are actually really good for dogs.

Also, they are not only delicious but they provide vitamins, fibre, and antioxidants to keep your dog healthy and vibrant.

But then, as a pet owner, it’s important that you have to be aware that not all fruits and veggies are safe for dogs.

However, while it’s okay to feed your dogs with green apples ensure that you do your research, which you are already doing right now. Also, consult your veterinary doctor to give u the go-ahead. Why must you consult a vet?


In this case of you consulting your vet, it is really important because green apples are not good for all dogs. This can be due to some health issues the dog is suffering from.

However, to make sure u don’t worsen the dog’s health situation and ending up losing it, you should visit a vet near you.

Nutritional Benefits of Green Apples for Dogs

A dog having a picnic of apples

We have probably mentioned a few benefits that green apples provide for dogs. But still, it’s important we mention them here for a more detailed explanation

1. Fibre

The first benefit apples provide for dogs is fibre. We have talked about the benefits fibre provides.

Apples are high in fibre, which helps to make digestion easy. As much as apples help in digestion it also helps regulate your dog’s digestive system and prevent constipation.

2. Vitamins

Apples contain vitamin C, K, B6, and A which helps the immune your dog’s system function well. Vitamin C is most prevalent in apples it helps prevent cell damage.

You might wonder if apples are high in vitamins. Well, the answer is yes. Apples are a rich source of vitamins. But then, you should know that the precise amount might vary depending on the type of apple, how ripe it is, and the preparation method.

Are Green Apples Safe for Dogs to Eat?

Anything that is healthy is equally safe to eat. And yes it is safe for dogs to eat green apples. However, you should watch out for some precautions you need to take.

1. The seed sterm.

2. The Core.

The seeds stem, and core of the apple contains small amounts of cyanide, which can be harmful to dogs if consumed in large quantities.

Therefore, it’s recommended to remove the core and seeds before feeding your dog a green apple.

How to Safely Feed Green Apples to Your Dog

After reading through this page and you are considering feeding green apples to your dog. It is essential that you take some precautions to ensure their safety. Here are a few tips you need to take;

  • Always wash the apple before feeding it to your dog.
  • Remove the core and seeds before feeding your dog an apple.
  • Feed your dog small amounts of apples as a treat or snack.
  • Observe your dog for any signs of an allergic reaction, such as vomiting or diarrhoea.

In a nutshell, dogs can eat green apples. And generally, green apples are safe for dogs to eat. Always remember to follow the steps mentioned above before feeding your dog with an apple.

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Apples are not difficult to digest, but for some people, it might be a problem. The fibre in apples can aid digestion problems.

However, you should know that on the other hand, if you consume too many apples, you are likely to experience digestive discomfort such as bloating.

Apples cleanse the liver by increasing the amount of bile produced in the body with the help of the liver. 

Meanwhile, by increasing bile production, apples help to improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients in the body. 

Apples are rich in fiber, and they are soluble and insoluble, which helps to promote bowel movements. Soluble fiber absorbs water and forms a gel-like substance that softens the stool and makes it easier to pass. 

On the other hand, Insoluble fiber, adds bulk to the stool and helps move it through the digestive system. Read More

According to a study that appeared in the Journal of Food Science, apple extracts can lessen gastrointestinal inflammation. How does this happen? Apples achieve this by preventing the generation of inflammatory cytokines.

Also, apple polyphenols were found to be effective in restoring the balance of gut flora in mice with colitis, according to another study that was published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

Apples contain antioxidants, fiber, and vitamin C which are good for the kidney. The antioxidant in apple helps to protect the kidneys from diseases that are harmful.

Yes. However, there is a need to detail why and what makes mango a very healthy fruit. Below are some of the reasons mango is considered to be a very healthy fruit.

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