27 High Fiber Foods for Weight Loss

Best 27 High Fiber Foods for Weight Loss Any Day

A you concerned about how to lose some weight? Well, if you are, there are a lot of high fiber foods for weight loss.

Best 27 High Fiber Foods for Weight Loss Any Day
High Fiber Foods for Weight

Although, it is pertinent to know that a systematic and long-term approach is necessary when starting a weight loss journey, including high fiber foods in your regular diet is very important for the success of this journey.

Fiber is a great ally in reaching and keeping a healthy weight. This is because it helps with digestion and increases feelings of fullness.

The good news today is that the top high fiber foods that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine to support your weight loss objectives every day are covered in this article. Just read on to find out.

27 Best High Fiber Foods for Weight Loss

Fortunately, there are lots of low-calorie, high fiber meals available. This is wonderful news for those of you who are watching your weight!

Below, we have listed and explained 27 foods that are low in calories but high in fiber. Every dish that is highlighted has a fantastic recipe suggested for it.

1. Wheat Bran

Wheat Bran
Wheat Bran

This is one of the best high fiber foods for weight loss any day. When wheat is grinded into flour, the outer covering of the grain, known as wheat bran, is thrown away.

After that, the bran is packaged and offered at a discount. It has a very high content of insoluble fibers. This helps you stay regular by-passing food through your digestive system.

Wheat bran can be added to most baked items, including breads and muffins, as well as breakfast dishes like pancakes and waffles.

NOTE: When adding wheat bran to your meals, go slowly. Because of its high fiber content, it may cause stomach distress if you are not accustomed to eating a lot of fiber.

¼ cup of Wheat Bran contains 50 calories and 6 grammes of fiber.

2. Jicama (ˈhiːkəma)


Although this root vegetable may seem scary at first, you might change your mind once you remove its thick, bark-like skin.

You may eat the luscious, white jicama meat raw. This is because it has a unique nutty texture. Jicama can be sliced into thick matchsticks and served on a vegetable dish with celery sticks, baby carrots, and cherry tomatoes.

Also, Jicama is delicious in salads, salsas, and mild stir-fries because of its little sweetness. A cup contains 6.4 grammes of fiber and 49 calories.

3. Berries


Summer berries have less sugar than other fruits. They are popular among low-carb dieters. Ripe raspberries are the ideal garnish for yoghurt, porridge, salads, desserts, and smoothies. This is because they have a hint of sweetness and a sour taste.

High in important fatty acids that support a healthy immune system are raspberry seeds. The seeds are cracked open in a high-powered blender to release the necessary fats.

However, the outer hull of the seeds still contains fiber if you consume the berries whole. With raspberries, either way, everything wins!

A cup contains 6.5 grammes of fiber and 52 calories.

4. Black Beans

black beans
black beans

This ingredient has a relatively low glycemic index because it is high in fiber and high in carbohydrates. Low-glycemic foods release sugar, which is energy, eventually.

There won’t be a sharp rise in blood sugar after eating them. Additionally, beans are a good provider of potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

Put them in tacos, burritos, quesadillas, casseroles and chillis, or just mix the simple corn and black bean salad.

109 calories and 8.3 grammes of fiber are found in ½ cup of black beans.

5. Spinach


It has few calories, but it is packed with minerals, including iron, magnesium, folate, manganese, and vitamins A, C, and K. The simplest leafy green to locate at your neighbourhood grocery store is spinach.

It can grow in the winter months; if it’s not available fresh, it’s definitely frozen or canned. A simple suppertime fiber-boosting recipe is a spinach sauté. 1 cup contains 2.2 grammes of fiber and 23 calories.

6. Broccoli


This is an inexpensive source of fiber that works well in a variety of recipes. Although broccoli is vilified as the most disliked vegetable in America, there are a lot of culinary techniques that turn it into a cherished favorite.

Broccoli’s flavour is enhanced when roasted. It tastes much better when sautéed in a flavourful sauce!

1 cup of broccoli contains 2.4 grammes of fiber and 31 calories.

7. Carrots

A plate of a delicious carrot meal

Beta-carotene, a type of vitamin A vital to health, is abundant in carrots. Also, carrot is rich in fiber.

A good incentive to gorge on carrots is this: Over 100% of your daily requirement for vitamin A is found in only one cup of raw carrots!

A cup of carrot contains 3.1 grammes of fiber and 45 calories.

8. Pears

High Fiber Foods for Weight Loss Any Day

These are the ideal fruit to add to salads since they are crisp and delicious. They are an excellent source of potassium, fiber, and vitamin C, all of which we should include more of in our diets.

A pear is composed of around 30% soluble fiber and 70% insoluble fiber. Whether you have excessive blood cholesterol, soluble fibers assist our bodies in eliminating excess low-density lipoprotein (LDL, or “bad”) cholesterol.

One medium pear has 5.5 grammes of fiber and 101 calories.

9. Bulgur


Hearty whole grains like bulgur are used in Middle Eastern cooking. It’s likely that you have had it in tabbouleh, a bulgur salad with tomatoes, parsley, onion, and lemon juice.

Preparing bulgur is simple; in fact, you can soak it in water rather than cook it! Simply mix one cup bulgur with one cup boiling water, then let it sit for an hour before combining it with salad.

Also, Bulgur is excellent for adding flavour to soups and stews, like as the vegetarian chilli below, due to its high absorbency.

A ½ cup of it contains 4.1 grammes of fiber and 76 calories.

10. Spaghetti Squash

High Fiber Foods for Weight Loss Any Day
Spaghetti Squash

True to its name, this gourd may be broken into long, noodle-like strands with a fork once it has been cooked.

Low-carbohydrate diet enthusiasts love this flavourful, slightly sweet food that balances the acidity of a marinara sauce.

Additionally, spaghetti squash has a high fiber content considering its low-calorie content. 42 calories and 2.2 grammes of fiber is found in one cup of it.

11. Lima Beans

High Fiber Foods for Weight Loss
Lima Beans

This is one of the best high fiber foods for weight loss any day. Lima beans are known as “butter beans” because of their rich, buttery texture.

This high-fiber component comes from the ancient Mochica people who lived off the northern coast of Peru.

You can find lima beans in the grocery store’s canned or frozen food aisle. These beans work well in stir-fries and soups.

Since cyanide is present in raw lima beans but evaporates when cooked, we advise boiling them thoroughly.

A ½ cup of it contains 4.6 grammes of fiber and 105 calories.

12. Barley


This is a favourite grain for soups, stews, grain salads, and even a classy meal. Hulled Barley keeps its bran. The bran is a layer rich in B vitamins and fiber. ½ cup of it has about 97 calories and 3 grammes of fiber.


13. Canned Pumpkin

Canned Pumpkin
Canned Pumpkin

This is one of the best high fiber foods for weight loss any day. Although it’s easier to find, canned pumpkin has the same amount of vitamin A, potassium, and iron as fresh pumpkin.

It’s interesting to note that canned pumpkin is not pure pumpkin. The majority of manufacturers use less stringy and equally nutritious winter squash cultivars to reduce the pumpkin puree.

You can use this high-fiber component all season long. 42 calories and 3.6 grammes of fiber are found in ½ cup canned pumpkin.

14. Okra

High Fiber Foods for Weight Loss Any Day

This is one of the best high fiber foods for weight loss any day. Okra is high in fiber. However, some people find it sticky and difficult to swallow due to the mucilage it contains.

Soaking the okra in vinegar for an hour before cooking is one way to lessen the sliminess. Heat also helps to reduce slime; you can blanch, grill, roast, or sauté okra in advance of using it in a recipe.

33 calories and 3.2 grammes of fiber are found in one cup of Okra.

15. Oatmeal


Want something to eat for breakfast instead of sugary cereal? There is oatmeal. This is a high-fiber substitute.

Beta-glucan, a unique fiber found in oats, has been shown to lower blood sugar and cholesterol. Oats can be swiftly popped into the microwave for a hot breakfast or left in yoghurt for the entire night to make a creamy pot of overnight oats.

This nutty and delightful baked oat dish comes together in only 15 minutes. 1 cup of dry oat contains 4.1 grammes of fiber and 155 calories.

16. Avocado

High Fiber Foods for Weight Loss

These are tasty and adaptable complements to your meals because they are high in soluble and insoluble fiber. This helps you feel fuller while also providing necessary healthy fats.

17. Chia Seeds

High Fiber Foods for Weight Loss Any Day
Chia Seeds

This is one of the best high fiber foods for weight loss any day. Chia seeds are small but mighty, rich in protein, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids. For a nutritious boost, add them to smoothies, yoghurt, or salad dressings.

18. Lentils

High Fiber Foods for Weight Loss Any Day

These are flexible legumes that may be used to improve taste and nutrition in soups, stews, and salads. They are also great source of plant-based protein and fiber.

19. Quinoa

High Fiber Foods for Weight Loss Any Day

This is one of the best high fiber foods for weight loss any day. Quinoa is a complete protein source that has a high fiber content.

You can replace rice or pasta with it for meals to up your consumption of fiber and diversify your diet.

20. Artichokes


The artichokes are a delicious addition to salads or pasta meals because they are high in fiber and low in calories. They offer a healthy dosage of antioxidants as well.

21. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes

These are wholesome and filling alternative that are high in fiber and loaded with vitamins and minerals. Bake or roast them to make a tasty side dish.

22. Almonds


They offer a respectable quantity of fibre in addition to being a fantastic source of beneficial fats. Sprinkle them over salads or eat them as a snack.

23. Brussels Sprouts

High Fiber Foods for Weight Loss Any Day
Brussels Sprouts

These little cabbages make a delicious side dish when roasted or sautéed. They are high in fiber. They provide a healthy dose of vitamin C as well.

24. Brown Rice

Brown Rice
Brown Rice

This is one of the best high fiber foods for weight loss any day. To enhance your intake of fiber, substitute brown rice for white rice.

Manganese and selenium are two other important nutrients that brown rice is a good source of.

25. Popcorn

27 High Fiber Foods for Weight Loss Any Day

Also, this is one of the best high fiber foods for weight loss any day. Popcorn, when air-popped, is a high-fiber whole-grain snack. For a guilt-free dessert, omit the butter and use mild spice instead of butter.

26. Whole Wheat Bread

whole bread wheat
whole bread wheat

This is one of the best high fiber foods for weight loss any day. Select whole wheat bread for a high-fiber substitute instead of refined varieties. Toast or sandwiches go well with it for a filling breakfast.

27. Split Peas

High Fiber Foods for Weight Loss Any Day
Split Peas

The split peas are another high-fiber legume that works well in soups and stews. They add extra nourishment and a filling mouthfeel.

Why Fiber Helps with Weight Loss

1. Fiber Increases Volume without Gaining Weight

One kind of carbohydrate that is difficult for humans to digest is fiber. This implies that while consuming fiber adds volume to your stomach and even slows down digestion to keep you feeling fuller, it has little to no calorie value.

2. Fiber Effectively Removes Waste

Soluble fiber creates a gelatinous mixture that makes faeces easier to pass, while insoluble fiber makes the stool bulkier. Even though regular bowel movements don’t contribute much to obesity, they do make one feel significantly lighter.

3. Beneficial Gut Bacteria are Fed by Fiber

There are 100 trillion gut bacteria in the human digestive tract. And research is showing that this “microbiome” influences various aspects of our health, including our immune systems, body weight, and risk of Type 2 diabetes.

Although the exact nature of this relationship is unknown, we do know that a high-fiber diet promotes the growth of good gut flora and is associated with a lower body weight.

How Much Fiber Is Adequate for Me?

The National Academy of Medicine, formerly known as the Institute of Medicine, advises adults to consume 38 grammes of fiber daily for men and 25 grammes for women.

According to research from 2014, adult females consume fewer than 18 grammes of fiber per day, whereas adult males consume less than 20 grammes.

Increasing the number of high-fiber foods in your diet is the answer if you do not reach your fiber targets.

Bottom Line

Including these 27 high-fiber foods in your diet on a regular basis can significantly impact your efforts to lose weight.


For best results, keep in mind to hydrate and eat a balanced diet. Accept the diversity and flavor that these foods provide and see how they build the basis of a more fulfilling, healthful living.

These high-fiber foods can be used to make salads, make substantial soups, or just have as a snack.

They will help you reach your weight loss objectives and improve your general health.

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