Yellow Fruit: Top 30+ Types to Choose From

When the phrase ‘yellow fruit’ is mentioned, bananas likely come to the mind of a lot of people. If this happens to you too then you should know that you’re not alone.

But then, do you that there are several yellow fruits that are not bananas? These fruits are useful in a variety of ways.

Yellow fruit
Yellow fruit

It is pertinent to know that yellow fruits are a fantastic way to make your kitchen cheerful. They are a nutritious complement to any diet. And this is because they are loaded with vitamins and minerals. Also, there are many of them to pick from.

Top and Favourite Yellow Fruits

1. Banana

Strands and slices of banana

Banana is a common fruit in any home. They are long, yellow, and have slippery peeling.

There are people who have probably consumed 3,000 or more bananas in their lifetime. However, there is always time for more enjoyment.

2. Barhi Dates

Barhi Dates
Barhi Dates

This is an amazing yellow fruit. Perhaps you’ve noticed brown Barhi dates in the supermarket. However, before they fully mature, they are a stunning, vivid yellow. But you shouldn’t consume them until they are completely ripe.

3. Buddha’s Hand

Yellow Fruit: Buddha's Hand
Buddha’s Hand

The Buddha’s hand is regarded by the majority of scientists as one of the original four citrus fruits. These four citrus species are the origins of all other citrus.

It tastes mildly lemon peel and has a beautiful floral and that is the citrus scent. It is rarely eaten alone and it functions best in recipes.

4. Yuzu

Yuzu yellow fruit
A sliced Yuzu

This is another amazing yellow fruit. Yuzus have a similar shape and flavour to lemons and have a rounder, lumpier appearance.

They are another citrus fruit that can be used in place of lemons with ease.

5. Golden Kiwi

Golden Kiwi
Golden Kiwi

Like its green brother, a golden kiwi has a brown exterior. The interior, however, is bright, sunny yellow. It is similar to a green kiwi but brighter and a little bit sweeter in flavour.

6. Papaya

Papaya; A yellow fruit

Papayas, sometimes known as pawpaws, are found at most supermarket stores. The colour of their exterior skin can range from dark green to pale yellow depending on how ripe they are.

The inside is orange-yellow in colour. They have a lot of health advantages and are sweet with a hint of tang.

7. Yellow Cherry

Yellow Cherry
Yellow Cherry

Red cherries and yellow cherries are both types of cherries. They have a tonne of vitamin C and melatonin and are the product of selective breeding. Their flavour is somewhat reminiscent of their darker cousins.

8. Lemon

A Lemon tree

Lemon is a yellow fruit that is equally well-known. A lot of people utilize them in recipes, cocktails, and drinks. However, most people don’t like eating them raw.

They are tangy, juicy, and essential in everyone’s go-to summer beverage (lemonade).

9. Mango

Slices of mango
Slices of mango

The mango originated in India and is currently consumed by people all over the world.

There are dozens, or perhaps, let’s say hundreds of distinct types, with hues ranging from red to green and everything in between.

The majority of mangoes with the highest commercial demand have yellow skin and flesh.

Although some have lighter skin tones, the majority of them are yellow on the inside. Mango is a tropical fruit that can be consumed raw, roasted, or added to drinks. They are sweet and tart.

10. Yellow Apple

Yellow Apple
Yellow Apple

The Golden Delicious variety of yellow apples may be the most well-liked one. There are additional variations, though, like Ginger Gold, Crispin, Blondee, Opal, and Golden Supreme. These are just a few of the many yellow apple varieties.


They differ greatly in taste, look, and even yellow colour. But most are deliciously delicious!

11. Yellow Figs

Yellow Figs
Yellow Figs

Native to several regions of North America, yellow figs are a powerhouse of vitamin C and fibre.

They are most frequently used in sweets, jams, and jellies. But you can also consume them on their own.

12. Yellow Watermelon

Yellow Watermelon
Sliced yellow watermelon in a plate

The green-shelled watermelons with lovely pink inside are a common sight. But there are also watermelons that are yellow.

They appear identical to their pink counterparts from the exterior. However, they are golden yellow on the inside, with black seeds.

Some claim they have a sweeter flavour than pink watermelons. The tastes seem to be pretty comparable though.

13. Pineapples

Sliced Pineapples

When mentioning yellow fruits, people frequently forget about pineapples. People tend to forget about them because the exteriors are more brownish-green.

However, they have a vivid yellow inside. Most individuals have tasted this tropical fruit, whether they recall doing so or not. The majority of people are unaware that pineapples are true berries.

14. Yellow Pears

Yellow Pears
Yellow Pears

Some pears are bright yellow, while others range from light to green. Many have a sweet and tangy undertone.

Additionally, all are rich in other crucial nutrients including fibre, vitamin C, and potassium.

15. Nectarines (Flesh)

Nectarines (Flesh)
Nectarines (Flesh)

This is an amazing yellow fruit. It is similar to peaches and pears. Nectarines are a type of stone fruit.

In fact, they resemble peaches in appearance, although peaches are normally a little bigger. They have internal meat that is yellow and fuzzy orangish-pink skin. Also, they are extremely sticky, sweet, and juicy.

Naturally, if you’re younger than 12, that simply makes them more entertaining.

16. Peach (Flesh)

Peach (Flesh)
Peach slices on a plate

Nectarines and peaches have a lot in common. They share similarities in their appearance, odour, and even taste. If you enjoy one, you probably will enjoy the other as well.

17. Cape Gooseberries

Cape Gooseberries
Cape Gooseberries

This yellow fruit called gooseberry is an intriguing one. Although it is sometimes compared to golden grapes, gooseberry is more distinctive.

It looks unearthly, nearly transparent, and is frequently smaller than grapes. In a certain light, it appears to be water balloons with a yellow hue.

The fruit can be consumed raw, although most people don’t. Instead, most people include them in jams, jellies, and dessert preparations.

18. Cantaloupe


A lot of people believe the flesh of cantaloupes is more orange than yellow. However, some of the paler meat has a faint yellow tint. They have tannish-yellow exteriors as well.

A type of melon comparable to honeydew is the cantaloupe. They taste sweet but not overly sweet and are really juicy.

19. Apricot

Yellow fruit
Slices of Apricot in a bowl

Apricots are spherical, yellow fruits that resemble peaches and plums. They contain a lot of vitamin C and are a fantastic source of potassium. Also, they are suitable for consumption uncooked, cooked, dried, or even frozen.

Additionally, you may use them to create pies, tarts, and other mouthwatering, fruity sweets.

The fruit is healthy, but the seeds are quite poisonous. Before biting into this luscious fruit, make sure to take them off.

20. Persimmon

Persimmons in a plate

This is another wonderful yellow fruit. There are numerous varieties of persimmon. Most are between orange and red in colour.

A few varieties are yellow, though. These include maru, cinnamon persimmon, and American persimmon.

Some of the orange types also have yellow interiors. Persimmons can range in sweetness from mildly sweet to quite bitter and astringent.

Additionally, the freshness of the fruit can occasionally affect how sweet something is.

21. Starfruit


This is a favourite fruit for many people, without a doubt. A lot of people adore all fruits and vegetables, including berries, melons, apples, bananas, and the rest. But for some people, starfruits are the best.

One reason is that it is beautiful. It cuts into pieces that resemble little stars. Additionally, they are juicy and have the ideal ratio of sweetness to acidity.

Also, they work well for decorating as well. Slice them up and you have immediate stars you can use on pies, cakes, or other things.

They also look fantastic used as cocktail garnishes. And fortunately, they are now much more frequently seen in stores.

22. Loquat


The loquat is connected to the rose, which is difficult to believe from its appearance. It is a native of Asia, and Chinese medicine uses every component of the plant.

Some folks peel it and consume it uncooked. Additionally, it’s a well-liked component of herbal teas, extracts, and other products.

It has antioxidants and this may help prevent cancer and heart disease. Also, it grows in clusters and is a sweet fruit with an intriguing flavour.

23. Lucuma

Lucuma yellow fruit
Lucuma yellow fruits in a flat plate

This is a yellow fruit and a Peruvian item that has a sweet potato-like flavour. It has a light flavour that is pleasing and not overly sugary or anything else.

The fruit is really healthy for you. It is rich in iron, protein, calcium, fibre, good antioxidants, and other nutrients.

Unfortunately, outside of South America, it’s difficult to find. In the U.S. and Europe, it is typically found in powdered form as supplements.

It can be anything from brilliant green to yellow-orange when it’s raw.

 24. Oroblanco


The luscious citrus fruit oroblanco is also referred to as a pomelit. Its size is comparable to that of a grapefruit, but its hue is lemon-like instead.

It has a bright, zesty flavour and is a cross between a pomelo and a grapefruit. And its name means “white gold” and it is delicious and seedless.

25. Passionfruit (Flesh)

Passionfruit (Flesh)
A divided Passionfruit (Flesh)

We are aware of your thoughts. Passion fruit is not yellow; it is purplish-red. That is true on the outside, yet their insides are translucent yellow-gold.

The fruit features crunchy seeds that you can also eat. And it has a wonderful aroma and flavour. Additionally, there is a yellow passionfruit that is both inside and out yellow.

26. Durian


The durian is sometimes referred to as “the king of fruits,” which is more regal than it smells.

Its distinctive fragrance has been compared to decaying flesh, raw sewage, and soiled gym socks.

Durians are delicious. They can be used in both sweet and savoury recipes and have a custardy texture.

27. Eggfruit

Yellow fruit

This is a lovely yellow fruit. Eggfruit is another lovely fruit, similar to starfruit. It offers an intriguing range of shapes and a bright, warm yellow colour. Some are spherical while others have an oblong or slightly heart-shaped form.

It can be consumed fresh or made into puddings, purees, and other mouthwatering treats. Nothing about it tastes like an egg; it’s thick, sweet, and slightly earthy.

28. Yellow Plums

Yellow Plums
Yellow Plums

There are several plums with golden skin and sweet-tasting flesh, including Mirabelle or Golden plums.

29. Yellow Kiwis

Yellow Kiwis
Slices of Yellow Kiwis in a plate

While green kiwifruits are more prevalent, there are also types with yellow flesh, such as the SunGold kiwifruit.


30. Orange Cherries

Orange Cherries
A basket full of Orange Cherries

This is another yellow fruit you should know about. Although the majority of cherries are red, some have yellow skin with a pink flush, such as Rainier cherries.

What other Fruits are Yellow?

Several fruits usually turn yellow when they are fully ripe. Several instances include:

1. Yellow Peaches: There are many different types of peaches, and some of them, like the Golden Jubilee or O’Henry, have yellow skins and sweet, juicy flesh.

2. Apricot: This delectable fruit is indigenous to Europe. They are renowned for their hard firmness and sour apricot flavour. Vitamin A, potassium, and dietary fibre are all abundant in apricots.

3. Canary Melon: This fruit is tasty and can be consumed on its own or in dishes. Both fibre and vitamin C are present in good amounts.

4. Golden Raspberries: Golden raspberries taste great and are rich in vitamin C. It’s a fantastic source of energy and perfect for eating while on the run.

Due to their low acidity, golden raspberries are sweeter and less tart than red raspberries. They have a pink and yellow hue, and a Vitamix sorbet would be fantastic with them.

What is the Most Common Yellow Fruit?

Banana is the yellow fruit that is most popular and common. The cultivation and consumption of bananas are widespread worldwide. They are a common ingredient for baking, adding to different cuisines, and snacking.

Also, they are simple to find at markets and grocery stores. Bananas are a staple in many diets because of their soft texture, sweet flavour, and high nutritional value.

There are many different kinds of yellow fruits. The above are just a few examples.

It’s crucial to remember that some fruits, like mangoes or apricots, can have a range of hues, including yellow, depending on the kind and stage of maturity at which they are picked.

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